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Collaborative Efforts to Disseminate CBTS 2022 Survey for Budget Transparency in the Lake Region

In a remarkable display of collaboration and dedication to promoting budget transparency, the Lake Region Hub conducted a virtual meeting facilitated by CEDC. The meeting aimed to disseminate the findings of the CBTS 2022 Survey, Monitor the performances of each county, share the key challenges hindering budget transparency and adopt the best practices that will […]

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Key Observations Noted in the Program-Based Budget 2023-2024

The analysis of the approved (by Busia county Executive) program-based budget 2023-2024 by the budget champions has revealed several significant gaps in the document. These observations highlight areas of concern that need to be addressed to ensure effective budget allocation, implementation and accountability. Here are the key observations that were noted: There is  lack of […]

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Enhancing Service Provisions in Healthcare: Mukonjo Dispensary Scorecard Process

In the quest for improved healthcare services across Busia County, CEDC has embarked on an exciting journey of implementing  the community scorecard process at Mukonjo Dispensary. The initiative aims to empower the local community in Namboboto/Nambuku ward to actively participate in assessing the quality of service provision at the dispensary. After conducting an inception meeting […]

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Enhancing Budget Transparency in Busia County: A Collaborative Effort by Stakeholders

Busia County stakeholders gathered for a momentous event facilitated by Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO) to deliberate on  budget transparency. It was excited to see CEDC working towards collaborative efforts in enhancing budget transparency across Busia County. KEY ISSUES NOTED. The Budget process not being adhered to especially where there is no preceding connections […]

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Public participation plays a crucial role in shaping the future of a nation. As the national budget for 2023-2024 takes shape, it is vital for citizens to actively engage in the decision-making process. Here’s why your participation matters and how it can help build a better future for all. Ensuring Accountability: By actively participating in […]

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The Inception meeting with key stakeholders to kick start community scorecard at Mukonjo Dispensary

COMMUNITY SCORECARD PROCESS A community scorecard process is a powerful tool for improving service delivery by involving both service users and providers in the assessment and improvement of services. By gathering feedback from the community and using it to identify strengths and weaknesses in service provision, community scorecards can help service providers to better meet […]

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Budget Café Reviews on Draft Budget Estimates 2023-2024

Key issues that needs redress in the draft budget estimates 2023-2024 The Budget Café Reviews on Budget Estimates 2023-2024 brought together key Busia County government officers drawn from the Department of Finance and economic planning, Budget Directorate representatives, CECM Health and sanitation Representative, Chair budget Busia County Assembly, Legal Advisor of Busia county Assembly, Fiscal […]