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Collaborative Efforts to Disseminate CBTS 2022 Survey for Budget Transparency in the Lake Region

In a remarkable display of collaboration and dedication to promoting budget transparency, the Lake Region Hub conducted a virtual meeting facilitated by CEDC. The meeting aimed to disseminate the findings of the CBTS 2022 Survey, Monitor the performances of each county, share the key challenges hindering budget transparency and adopt the best practices that will enhance budget transparency in the hub. The meeting brought together key stakeholders who comprised of Budget Facilitators and champions, government officers, media personalle, citizens and CSOs across the hub.


Access to information, accessing budget documents remains a significant hurdle as counties in the Lake Region Hub failed to publish vital materials such as citizens’ budgets, quarterly implementation reports, and finance acts.

Comprehensiveness of budget document- even in cases where budget documents were published, their lack of comprehensiveness hindered citizens’ to read and comprehend the documents.

lack of political good will by duty bearers- has resulted to key budget documents to be published which has played a significant role in denying citizens access to information so that they can track the implementation process

To address these challenges, several strategies were developed and adopted.

Joint collaborative efforts among the budget facilitators and champions in the use of media platforms and social media to demand the timely publication of budget documents across the Lake Region Hub.

Conducting strategy meetings with the duty bearers and advocate for budget transparency

Mass submissions of memos to demand access to information from the duty bearers.

conduct capacity initiatives to educate government officers on the significance of publishing and publicizing budget documents effectively.

click the link below for more information on how each counties in the lake region hub performed in terms of budget transparency.


By adopting  these strategies, the Lake Region Hub aims to enhance budget transparency, empower citizens, and foster active participation in the decision-making process. With concerted efforts and a commitment to transparency, the region can pave the way for budget transparency.

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