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Enhancing Budget Transparency in Busia County: A Collaborative Effort by Stakeholders

Busia County stakeholders gathered for a momentous event facilitated by Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO) to deliberate on  budget transparency. It was excited to see CEDC working towards collaborative efforts in enhancing budget transparency across Busia County.



  • The Budget process not being adhered to especially where there is no preceding connections between CIDP 2023 to 2027, ADP, CBROP, CFSP 2023-2024 and budget estimates 2023-2024
  • Budgetary allocations not aligning with the citizens needs
  • lack of Publications of budget document which poses a challenge to access to information
  • lack of equity and gender responsiveness in the budget documents among others
  • lack of prioritization in completing the stalled projects

The stakeholders demonstrated their commitment and zeal to advocate for the alignment of budgetary allocations with the needs of citizens, budget process transparency, access to information, and gender responsiveness in the decision-making process. By championing these principles,  stakeholders will significantly influence resource allocations and ensure that the voices of the community are heard.

The event served as a platform for stakeholders to learn from one another and share best practices in budget advocacy. After which a consolidated memorandum was developed for submission to the relevant duty bearers. It was inspiring to witness the collaborative spirit among organizations striving for a more transparent and inclusive budgeting process in Busia County.

As stakeholders continue to work together, Busia County is poised to witness positive changes in budget transparency, ultimately leading to better outcomes for its citizens. The efforts of IRDO, CEDC, Dhamira Moja, FIDS, AHI and other stakeholders serve as a shining example of how collective action will bring about meaningful transformations in resource allocations and governance.

Participants during stakeholders sharing meeting
IRDO Lead project coordinator in Busia county engaging participants during stakeholders sharing and advocacy strategy development.


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Comments (3)

  1. MULAA
    May 20, 2023

    This is great and as CSO we are glad to CEDC and IRDO for the continued space for county budget engagement in BUSIA.

    Kudos 👏

  2. Africanus Abraham Egesa
    May 20, 2023

    Progress as IRDO and CEDC gives citizens extra space to engage Busia County Budget cycle space. Thanks for partners and need for good will from Government..

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