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The Inception meeting with key stakeholders to kick start community scorecard at Mukonjo Dispensary


A community scorecard process is a powerful tool for improving service delivery by involving both service users and providers in the assessment and improvement of services. By gathering feedback from the community and using it to identify strengths and weaknesses in service provision, community scorecards can help service providers to better meet the needs of their users. At the same time, by giving users a voice and a role in the evaluation of services, scorecards can help to build trust between providers and users and create a more collaborative and responsive service delivery system.

Community Empowerment and Development Centre(CEDC) held an inception meeting at Mukonjo dispensary, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss issues hindering effective service provision. Among the issues raised were; lack of water, electricity, lack of adequate structures for maternity and laboratory services. Additionally, the facility lacked fencing, sufficient drugs and latrines. These challenges impact the quality of healthcare provided and the safety of both patients and healthcare providers. The meeting also provided an avenue for the citizens to select community members who will spearhead the scorecard process across Namboboto Nambuku ward, with the main focus of getting feedback from community members through FGDs. The meeting is a positive step towards finding solutions to these critical issues and improving healthcare delivery in the community.


CEDC Project Officer outlining the overview of community scorecard at Mukonjo Dispensary during Inception meeting with the key stakeholders
Citizens raising their key concerns during the inception meeting of community scorecard process,

This initiative has been made possible through our esteemed Development partner URAIA,


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  1. Brian
    May 18, 2023

    This tool create an opportunity for community member’s to engage their leader’s and share out their aspiration and priorities to be undertaken in the community hence ensuring that one agenda is being pushed by both leaders and community member’s.
    It also provides opportunity for government to give feedback to the community on any issue of concern raised.

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